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SYMPHONY Healthcare Information System  
SYMPHONY's vision for the Healthcare Industry is that of a seamless, open and integrated technology environment in which all components work together to serve users locally and community wide in a distributed environment.Having information available at the Point of Care is the way Symphony sees the healthcare industry emerging out of the present and into the future.

CARE 2000 CARE 2000 for large Tertiatry Care Hospitals e - CLASSIC for Doctors & Physicians LabWare for Diagnostic Centres CARE for Nursing homes & Clinics CARE 2 for Speciality & General Hospitals

Symphony's "Quest Healthcare" suite of Healthcare Information Systems is a comprehensive and scalable solution for healthcare providers of all sizes ranging from large, multi-locational, multi-specialty tertiary care healthcare facilities, whether they be in the public or private sector, through smaller single specialty and general hospitals, managed healthcare providers, nursing homes and small healthcare facilities, to practicing clinicians and independent laboratories. CARE-2000 and its subsets CARE-2 and CARE provide the integrated platform for efficient hospital management along with the seamlessly integrated CARE-ERP to manage the back-end financial, materials, human resources and equipment maintenance functions.

LabWare-LIS and Labware-RIS, integral parts of CARE-2000 family of HIS products, also is a stand-alone, comprehensive, real time and interactive Diagnostic Centre Management System that caters to all the operational, diagnostic and administrative functions of a diagnostic center, that can also integrate with other Hospital Information Systems.

eClassic for Doctors and Physicians automates and manages the day to day operations of clinics. It helps a doctor or clinic to manage routine activities such as maintenance of Patient Master Index, scheduling of Patient Appointments with Consultant Clinics time slots, recording and collection of Clinical Profile at each appointment and billing for services rendered.

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